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Fledging 1TB Feather M13-S PCIe NVMe Gen 3.0x4 SSD Upgrade – DIY kit & OS included – compatible with MacBook Air (2013-2015), MacBook Pro (2013-2016), Mac Mini (2013), Mac Pro (2014), iMac (2013-2019)

Maximum Performance

Using the latest in PCIe NVMe interface technology, reach speeds of up to 1500 MB/s read and 1100 MB/s write. Up to twice the speeds of the original drive.

Innovative Technology

Whether you are a gamer, creator, or a student, our drives are designed for the highest deliverable speeds at optimal temperatures. Keeping the Mac you love running faster, longer, and cooler than before.

Everything You Need

Pre-loaded with High Sierra, this is the only drive on the market with all the tools and instructions needed to quickly and easily install your new drive and safely transfer your data without having to visit a repair shop, buy more tools, or follow complex online instructions. You can also upgrade to your OS of choice after the initial installation.

Peace of Mind

30-day money back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty 

Easy to install

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Screwdrivers are included

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